Tim DeTellis

Go make a difference.


Who will you be with this Christmas?

Over the past nine months, my wife and I have invited our neighbors to spend time with us. I have discovered being with is more powerful than being liked.

Yes, you can like people, and people can like you, but if you are not with people, you are alone.

All people have this in common. The need for togetherness. Some call it community. I call it being with someone. I have been in a room and totally alone because I was not with someone. Who is with you and who are you with?

Who will you be with this Christmas? Invite someone to be with you this Christmas! Invite them to your home, to a special event, to a church service, and create opportunities for others to be with one another, and lives will be happier.

And then, the love of Jesus will be closer to those who are with one another. None of us would be alone, if we invited someone to be with us. Is this eactly what God had intended by sending Jesus? Emmanuel, God with us. We are not alone - let us invite others to be with us.

"For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them." Matthew 18:20

Merry Christmas!

~Tim DeTellis