Tim DeTellis

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Late For No Reason

Do you have a tendency to be late? Here are my 5 reasons for going the extra mile to be early.

  1. Respect. If my time is important, then the time of others is even more important, therefore, I respect their time by showing up on time.
  2. Energy. If I’m early, my mind is ready for the meeting.  I’ll be more alert and engaged versus rushed and delayed.
  3. Consistency. People will remember you more by what you do often, than what you do once in a while. If I’m early or on-time, then they will be too.
  4. Professionalism. Nothing speaks I’m a professional than being early. If you show up late, it’s like saying, what’s the big deal anyway? Whatever!  
  5. Being lost. I’m terrible with directions. If I did not have the map on my iPhone and printed directions, I’d be lost and late. That’s my personal pet peeve: being late and lost. I work toward being early because I don’t want to get lost.

Please, make the best effort to be on time or early. You will serve yourself and other well by doing so. Most importantly, lead by example. You consistency either way will pave the path that others will follow.