Tim DeTellis

Go make a difference.

The Cause Manifesto

What does it mean to be a person that makes a difference? Be a person driven by a cause.

The word cause means to make (something) happen. A person or thing that gives rise to an action, phenomenon, or condition. Are you stepping forward each day with a cause?

When I did my strength finder study, the first strength in my profile was activator. I admit I like to start projects, reach desired outcomes, and see something change lives. I am fulfilled in that moment. Significance equals achievement for me. What about you?

This cause manifesto is to declare that happiness is found when making a difference is achieved.

Five guiding principles for making a difference:

1. Be true to your word

Can I trust you? Your reputation is your greatest asset. Someone else cannot give this to you. You earn it yourself. Your daily choices and the integrity you have is the foundation for being true to your word. This represents the completeness of being a whole person, not fragmented by hidden departments.

2. Be faithful in the little

Can I depend on you? I believe big change happens through little things. Too many people are afraid to make a difference because they think what they are doing is too small. Do something and see the difference. It starts by doing. Each day is a stepping-stone to what’s next.

3. Focus on the power of one

Do you care? I believe in people, one at a time. I know there is a big world out there that needs help and hope. Change starts with one person. You. Without one there would be no possibility of reaching many. If you miss the one, you miss the many. This is hard, but you have to say “no” so you can say “yes.”

4. Sacrifice is required

Will you never quit? I know all cause requires sacrifice. Without a sacrifice, there is no victory. I want to make a point very clear, if you want an easy job, just go be selfish. If you want a job of sacrifice, then serve others. If you want to go make a difference, I guarantee along the journey sacrifice will be required.

5. Stay passionate

Are you driven? Without your passion you have no fuel to live out your cause. There are days when people will want to throw darts at you. Most likely, they are jealous. Stay focused and passionate about your cause. The Bible says, above all else guard your heart.

Today, I invite you to join me in being a cause entrepreneur. Go forth and make a difference right where you are. Whatever your cause, do it with great passion.