Tim DeTellis

Go make a difference.

Three Signs You Are On Mission

You cannot fake living on mission. Just like when riding a bike, you are either riding or not. There is not an in-between. Why do you need to be living on mission? When you are on mission, you are living to serve your calling. Being who God made you to be. And only you can do that.

Sign number one: You smile. This reflection of what you are experiencing inside is a real indicator of your life being on mission. Does what you do make you smile? This is more of a feeling of joy. Happiness comes and goes, but the smile is a sign you are enjoying your life mission often.

Sign number two: You serve. The qualification for being on mission involves doing something for someone else. I learned from my father who was a pastor for 25 years and a missionary for 25 years that life is better lived when you live a generous life and invest in others. If you are not serving you are not sowing seeds that one day will grow to something you and I may never see. Serving is not doing for someone because of what they will do for you. It is serving someone that owes you nothing. What you do is for them to be better and go grow stronger for their future and empowerment.

Sign number three: You dream. Can you not stop dreaming about what you do? What you hope to do? What you see could be? You are on a mission that has captivated you when you dream about it. These dreams lead you, driven by your deepest passion, to go further in living a life on mission. Welcome the dreams. Pray for more of them. Keep them flowing because from those dreams, ideas, and searching comes something new you will do to help others find a better life. Dream energy keeps life energized.

I leave you with a scripture that inspires me when I’m not sure I’m living on mission and need more guidance: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5&6

Live on mission today. To be continued. ~Tim