Tim DeTellis

Go make a difference.

Role Models Matter

Do you have role models? Who do you look to as someone living a life worth exemplifying? I find it more powerful to learn from the actions of leaders - the doing - not just their words. Pastor Johnny Hunt of First Baptist Church Woodstock is a man I thank God for. Pastor Johnny Hunt coined the phrase and campaign "Love Loud" which has now become a movement across our nation. This is no surprise to me because those two words exemplify how he continues to live his own life.

Here are 7 ways Pastor Johnny Hunt continues to inspire me through his role model example:
1. Lead yourself first. Wake up early and spend time with God. Then exercise to be stronger to serve better.
2. Love your wife like crazy. Spoil her, always. She is your lifelong anchor and partner for God's calling.
3. Believe in those you lead. You grow your relationships with the foundation of trust built with bricks of honesty.
4. Mentoring changes history. Invest in others with both your time and resources. Your legacy is in the lives you serve.
5. Love continuous learning. Read out of discipline. Surround yourself with others smarter than you. Stay in the counsel of the wise.
6. You are one decision away from stupid. Stay on guard of your heart and your emotions. Keep margin in your life and rest so your work is meaningful.
7. Generosity is a lifestyle. You will never miss what you give away. Reach deep and give more because it's not yours to begin with.

I hope you have role models helping you to reach your God-given potential. Who are some of your role models and why?

~Tim DeTellis