Tim DeTellis

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The Daily To Do List

We each may work in different environments, not have the same roles, yet we each have the same amount of a resource called time. No matter where you live or what you do, time is given equal to all people. Yes, you can increase your time through delegation and outsourcing your work, but those ideas are for another post.

Today, I'm focusing on the daily to do list. How do we launch each day ready to maximize our time so we can truly focus? I find what works best for me is a clear list of my priorities and items I would like to do next, if time permits.

My (daily) to do list looks like this:

What are my three big rocks for the day - the top three priorities? Then, I list my next five items of focus.

Top 3:

Next 5:

This short list of items to do for the day sit top and center in my journal awaiting my action for the day. When I am pulled away, I come back to this list. It gives me the monorail direction of where I am going for the day. To avoid distractions is almost impossible, unless you are in a closed, private environment without others. This is why I must have my top 3 and my next 5 as my guideline for where I am going today.

I hope this helps you be more productive in doing what you do to make the world a better place.

To be continued.